This weekend we had Jeff’s sister and her husband come visit from Philly.
A nice evening at the local brewery with the whole family.
Then they were off the next day for a brewery tour up the coast while Ellie and I stayed behind and visited with my parents.
I got lots of crafting finished while Ellie played with Gramma and Grandpa (more about the crafting later).
Sunday, a bbq with both families. Lots of good food and good company.
A very quick weekend and a very quick visit with Auntie Merri and Uncle Bill!


dinner out!


spring table

auntie merri


nana and merri


-joining Amanda over at The Habit!


4 thoughts on “Weekending!

    • Isn’t that fun?! I bought that many years ago for my preschool classroom. One of my first etsy purchases. It’s a handmade treehouse. I loved it so much I bought another one. A larger one. They both came home with me though when I left teaching and I’m so glad they did because Ellie loves both of them and I think they will get lots of play out of my little girl!

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