What a beautiful weekend we had! The weather was glorious! A perfect way to welcome March. So spring like, I had to switch out our play and nature tables. They just couldn’t go another day being “winter”. I know pretty much everywhere else its white and snowy and cold, but it’s been very springy here and our tables needed to reflect that. Anyway, I came down with a little head cold, so between “required” resting (which I hate to do) and little outings here and there, it was still such a nice weekend. Yesterday’s beach walk was quite spectacular. The sky was amazing and the sea was a color blue I had never seen before. We searched for sea glass, skipped stones, and enjoyed the weather. Happy Week to everyone!
clouds too
clouds over hill
looking for gold
skipping stones
throwing stones
sea glass


4 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. The beach photos are beautiful, all the blue everywhere. We are having days of warm weather here too and loving it. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. So beautiful… and all those lovely treasures. Oh how my daughter would eat it all up! We have this spot up the St-Lawrence River where we go walking on the beach. We always find handfuls of brushed colored glass. They are a favorite treasure to bring home.

  3. i see required resting in my weekend 🙂 wow! that is a gorgeous shade of blue! i absolutely love your nature tables. you do such a good job with them. it is very springy here too…. it feels kind of strange and weird… we barely had a winter at all.

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