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There’s so much to catch you all up on. I’ve been so behind in my blogging. Posts have been swirling around in my head but I haven’t been able to get them down in this space.
Happy New Year! I think my word for this year will be “Create”. I know it’s overused and cliche, but I just keep seeing it and hearing it…. create. create. create. Last year’s word, “balance” was appropriate. I was struggling to find that balance and I still am in certain areas of my life. But, I made a big leap last year and so I feel like balance is going to just flow into this year, a two-word kind of deal, whatever that will mean… Do you have a guiding word this year? I’d love to hear what it is.

I’m taking this wonderful online class about Winter Wellness. Of course, we don’t have much of an actual “winter” here in Southern California. But, I need some soul food and I’ve always wanted to take one of Heather’s classes. I’m thoroughly enjoying it each day.
I’ve been drinking more tea lately. My favorite these days is rooibos. I went to a local spice and tea store here and discovered some fantastic new rooibos teas.

One of our class sessions had to do with sprouting our own sprouts, so I’ve taken that on. I’m kind of excited to have my own little sprouts for salads and such.

Ellie and I are enjoying the beautiful weather (although I’d rather it be a little more wintery than 75). Books and snacks and walks to the park have been the norm around here.
park stuff

And something very special, I just have to share. My mom, who is a quilter (her etsy store is here, in case you’re interested in beautiful, handmade, soft, fuzzy things), made this gorgeous quilt for someone last year (You may remember the portrait that showcases it). Anyway, I loved the quilt so much I was going to pay her to make me one of my own. Well, she surprised me the other day by making me one just like it!! It’s gorgeous! My favorite new thing of course. Even Ellie has been fighting me for it.
rag quilt

ellie boo

pb likes itI can’t get enough of all the glorious color!! And the back of the quilt is even more stunning!

sunset quilt


Keep a look out in her shop. She just may make another one.
So that is it for now. I’ll be working on more peg dolls in the coming weeks and sending off my Waldorf swap goodies tomorrow. Crossing my fingers everyone likes them. For now, I will be cuddling up in my new quilt with a steaming cup of rooibos!

(Oh and by the way, I’ve been posting a lot on Instagram these days, so if you want to catch up with me there, my name is lemon2626! I’d love to connect with you there as well)!


Balance in 2014

white rose

I’ve chosen my word for the New Year. I loved the idea of having a guiding word and using it to help define what I wanted to work on and strive toward this year. I played around with “create”, I pondered using “patience” or “ease”, but nothing really stood out as the word.  When discussing words with my husband, I realized one word kept creeping up in my vocabulary and as I bent down to put my shoes on for our morning walk, I lost my balance and almost fell flat on my face. That was what I needed, I needed more “balance”. A word holding multiple meanings. Balance of a physical nature, balance of being wife and mother, balance of being creative but still being present. Balance of mind. Balance of spirit. I held it in my palms and smiled at its meaning. I cradled it and I whispered to it. I’m excited to make it my mantra for 2014.  I really have never had a word for the year before and the concept has me already excited for what it may bring.

Do you have a “guiding word”? Or any resolutions this year? Check out Mama Scout and Rebecca’s posts for inspiration.