Balance in 2014

white rose

I’ve chosen my word for the New Year. I loved the idea of having a guiding word and using it to help define what I wanted to work on and strive toward this year. I played around with “create”, I pondered using “patience” or “ease”, but nothing really stood out as the word.  When discussing words with my husband, I realized one word kept creeping up in my vocabulary and as I bent down to put my shoes on for our morning walk, I lost my balance and almost fell flat on my face. That was what I needed, I needed more “balance”. A word holding multiple meanings. Balance of a physical nature, balance of being wife and mother, balance of being creative but still being present. Balance of mind. Balance of spirit. I held it in my palms and smiled at its meaning. I cradled it and I whispered to it. I’m excited to make it my mantra for 2014.  I really have never had a word for the year before and the concept has me already excited for what it may bring.

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