lazed about



sea stuff

the path

secret garden


dolphin funmama and me
sunset dog
sliding sunset

It was such a nice weekend. We lazed about on Saturday. Ellie and I had spent the night at my Mom’s house because my Dad was out-of-town visiting relatives in Florida. So, we rose early, drank tea played some more with Gramma and headed home. Chores were done. Home grown sprouts were eaten on everything! It was warm and windy all weekend, so we headed to the beach on Sunday and to the sea center we regularly frequent. We ended the weekend with a late evening park date and a gorgeous sunset. It really was a nice weekend. How was yours? How are my east coasters doing? As much as I love being able to wear t-shirts and flip-flops till late evening, I’m wishing for some real winter weather. I don’t think we will get much of it here though.

– joining pumpkin sunrise for weekending!


Portrait Project



eloise: An action shot for this week’s portrait (because it’s getting harder and harder to catch just your face these days). We were back at the beach this week. It was cooler this time around, finally feeling a bit like January. These days you have been very busy, very sensitive and needing to be very close to Mama at all times. Except when I take you to the beach. You run carefree. Your face lights up as you chase the birds and run down to the waters edge. You squish your toes in the sand and exclaim, “more, more, more!” 

-joining the lovely Jodi for the 52 project!


international banana bread day

fooling around with daddy

signs of spring

with gramma napping


making the owlbottling the beer

beach walk with ellie

the inlaws on the beach

sun is lowering

avery present

the shower gals

It was another busy, lovely weekend. Beginning with homemade banana bread for National Banana Bread Day, lots of silly time with Daddy, springtime flowers blooming all over the place, naps in the carrier with happy Gramma’s, homemade pizza, bottling of the home-brew, making handmade baby toys for a good friend’s shower, beautiful walks on the beach with the in-laws and to end the weekend, a wonderful “baby  sprinkle” and a day of joy and reminiscing with old, dear friends. How was your weekend?


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