It Feels Like Spring

I know living in California, we don’t have the definitive seasons like elsewhere in the world, but I’ve learned to really notice the subtle differences in my environment  that seem to announce that spring is coming. It’s greener, there’s a crispness in the morning air, the flowers are brighter and already blooming. I start to get antsy in wanting to replace the heavy winter quilts with light colorful ones. I start decorating with more greens and yellows. And in any spare time I have, I start organizing and purging like mad. Oh how I love the coming of spring.

spring flowers


Daffodils bringing greens and yellow into the home.



Some of the last of the winter oranges from our tree.

corys quilt


ellie likes it


New quilts to cherish (made by this lovely lady, thank you Cory, as you can see we both LOOOVE our new quilt) plus a bumble-bee bib to brighten up  the home.



Spring time fairy garden terrarium drawings… I can’t stop making them!


Handmade mushroom’s on top of newly dusted off spring time runner (I love taking this runner out of its box)!

nature table

Getting Ellie’s nature table ready for spring!

getting the garden readyAnd maybe one of the most exciting things… getting the garden ready. Our new boxes built by Jeff and his Dad.

Oh spring, I’m so glad you are almost here!






Portrait Project


happy kid

eloise: I had several other pictures picked out for this week. Ones that were a little more relevant to you doing things (a few of you looking a little rosy-cheeked from catching another cold), but this one kept popping back up in my head. A photo we took for your 19 month shoot. You were eager to smile for the camera and every single one of these photos makes me smile, myself, just to see them. Nineteen months of joy, spunk, challenge, smarts, beauty and fun. We love our little Ellie Boo.

-joining Jodi and this year’s 52 project!

(Self) Discovery

I creep down stairs during nap time and carefully take out my brushes, my paper and water colors. I set up my station at the dining room table so I’m still in ear shot of my sleeping little one. When everything is set up the way I want, I go to work. It’s not quite new to me to be painting, but it definitely doesn’t come easy. I’m learning as I’m dipping the brush and swirling it through the paint on the palette. I’ve been practicing this fine art every day. The constant color makes me happy. The ideas spring to my head, one after the other. Some days it’s hard to keep up with them. The dining room table is littered with bits of paper covered in watercolor flowers and sketches. These nap time painting sessions are becoming something I look forward to every day. Something I yearn for when I wake up in the morning. I tell Ellie that I paint too. These are Mama’s brushes. This is Mama’s palette. Ellie wants to paint and we do so at her little table. I see her move her hands this way and that in the paint, swirling and mixing the colors together. She looks up at me and asks for more paint. She points to the color she would like and where on the paper she would like it. I scoop out a glob of orange finger paint and she goes back to her work. I look over at my watercolors looking lonely on the table. My hands itch to hold the brushes. To dip them into the water to collect the right amount of moisture for the right amount of paint. I get excited for the days Ellie and I can paint side by side. Brushes at the ready, making magic with color. I’m thinking that this is what it feels like to discover something about yourself. Something new and exciting.
Two ladies came by the other day and before they left they asked me “Are you an artist?” Those words caught me off guard. I wanted to say Yes! Yes I am! I wanted to proclaim it and claim it as my own. Instead I said, “I’d like to be one.”

*joining in with Write Alm’s Prompt-A-Day.

Ordinary Blessings

It’s funny that today’s prompt is ordinary blessings, for that is precisely what I was thinking about yesterday as I sat on the edge of my daughter’s sand box, the cool breeze blowing in from the ocean, Ellie, covering my feet with scoops of sand, smiling up at me each time she’d cover up another one of my toes. The record player was on in the house, sending out a steady lull of sweet music and the faint smell of my husband’s late afternoon coffee lingered in the air. The sky was blue, the yard  green from last week’s glorious rain. I looked down at my beautiful child and I thought to myself, it doesn’t get much better than this.

*finally getting a chance to join in with Write Alm’s Prompt-A-Day for March.




new piano


new softies


books with daddy




new book new soup


beac h day


beach day water


loves the beach


daddy and boo


by the sea


The weekend started off VERY wet. Jeff and his Dad worked on wood working projects in the garage while Mama got some time to thrift sans baby (Ellie kept Nana busy at home).

Ellie received a fun toy piano from her Uncle. We are convinced she’s a genius with her excellent rhythm and soul.

The weather lent itself to lots of homemade soups and stews, the making of some new softie toys (a crescent moon, a rain cloud and a rain drop, I’m a little obsessed over making these fun little guys), and lots and lots of book reading, for Ellie and for Mama.

Sunday afternoon we asked Ellie what she would like to do… and a few minutes later, we were off to the beach. An excellent way to end a very nice weekend, if I do say so myself.

– joining Amanda with Weekending! 

Portrait Project


cute kid

eloise: lately, I just can’t stop taking pictures of you and that adorable toddler face ( and I don’t think you mind)… you were making this really serious face at me during lunch one day and after I grabbed the camera to capture it, you started making all sorts of silly faces and saying, “cheese” (which sounds much more like “t-eee”).

here’s a couple more shots, because I can’t help myself…









-joining Jodi for this year’s 52 Project!