(A Very Late) Weekending: Pumpkin Edition

pumpkin patch tractor

pumpkins galore

walking through pumpkins



picking pumpkins

big one

pretty pumpkins

hot pumpkin

pretty pumpkin

hay ride


counting pumpkins

wheelbarough full

gramma helps


A morning at the pumpkin patch. We had planned to take a drive to a bigger farm and patch that day but things didn’t quite work out, so we headed about 5 minutes away to our local patch. It was another very hot weekend, so it was a sweaty and quick trip to the pumpkin patch this year, but I think Ellie enjoyed herself very much. We visited with the animals, picked our pumpkins and got to take a hay ride to the original part of the farm. The end of the day was spent with the grandparents (who helped Ellie carve her pumpkin) and for dessert, some festive brew served in a cinnamon sugar rimmed glass.
The rest of the weekend was for laundry and rest and catching up on odds and ends.

*Just for fun, Last year’s pumpkin patch visit, the year before that!

How was your weekend?


Portrait Project

41/52eloise: you sit in your room with a band-aid in your hand. We had walked all the way to the store on a very hot afternoon to buy you some band aids that you had requested after falling down and scraping your knee. When we bought them, you didn’t want to put one on your boo boo. In fact, you¬†seemed frightened by the idea, that just seconds before, you had been giddy about. So we walked all the way back home carrying the box of band aids and you sat in your room holding them. Carrying them around like little paper princess medals (you chose the pink princess ones, of course). Once you figured out how to open one, you were eager to open them all. But put one on your boo boo? No way. They go on top of your pants, that way everyone can see where you have a wound. ūüėȬ†

-joining Jodi for the 52 project!

A Fire Truck at the Library

This week on library day, I had a doctor’s appointment, so it looked like we wouldn’t be going to the library. Jeff stepped in and said that he would take Ellie to the library, so not to disrupt her regular routine (what a Dad)!. Well when the day came, my appointment ended up getting cancelled, so after hyping up “Daddy going to the library”, Jeff decided he’d take off the morning and go anyway. So the three of us headed down for Dada’s first library visit, and what an exciting visit it was. It turned out that the local firemen were coming to talk to the children about being firemen.¬†The chief read the children a story and then we all got to check out the fire truck and watch a fireman put on all of his gear. It was very exciting! Ellie has been talking about it all week and asking to read fire truck books at bedtime. We loved that Dada took off work to join us at the library and we all enjoyed our morning with the firemen!!

fire truck sign

fireman reads

listen with Dada

its here!

fire truck!


high five

touching the truck












I don’t have too many photos from this weekend. Between¬†visiting with my siblings down at my parents house and then the next day, a three-hour needle felting class for me ¬†(my first! I think I’m hooked!) with hockey, and grocery shopping and cleaning and laundry mixed in as well, I kept forgetting to grab my camera. But I did manage to catch a few shots of the weekend. It was definitely hot here. Still in the 90’s. I’ll be thrilled when it cools down and we can finally enjoy Autumn.
How was your weekend? ¬†– joining Karen for “Weekends”
hot day

squish monkey balls




Portrait Project

40/52eloise: It’s been a trying couple weeks. Lots of big emotions. Lots of tears. Lots of no napping. Lots of extra nursing. I can’t seem to pin point why, maybe it’s the extreme heat wave we are having, maybe it’s more teeth breaking through, maybe it’s getting back into the routine again after being away on vacation; but I’m thinking it probably has to do with just the hard fact that you are two. And two is tough. But throughout those days of big emotions and challenging behaviors, there are moments like this that make everything all right. Late afternoons, right before dinner when laundry and toys are strewn all over the house and Mama can’t deal with anything else, we go outside and run around. I chase you and you chase me. We twirl and run and laugh and smile.

-joining Jodi for the 52 project.