Portrait Project


red wagon girl

eloise: one of your birthday presents from your Grandparents arrived early! A red wagon! We tried it out this week after Daddy and Grandpa put it together and you loved riding in it! I can’t believe you are so close to turning one! My little almost one year old with her bunny, in her very own red wagon! Too precious for words! 

-joining jodi for the lovely 52 project!

I loved this magical photo and this fourth of july cutie and this special birthday reminded me of my own almost birthday girl!

Hoppy Days Are Here Again

A boy and his hops. Have I mentioned my husband wants to be a brewer and a hop farmer one day? This is our second year growing hops and thank goodness they have finally started growing because I could see my husband’s dreams of owning a hop farm slowly seeping into the ground when his hops were not doing anything for months upon months. But they finally started growing and are  growing fast!

hop 1

close up

side yard

We’re growing them on the side yard of the property where they get plenty of light. Jeff rigged them from their pot to the top of the house so can grow properly (I really know nothing of growing hops. I just watch and take photos every now and then). They are the fastest growing plants I have ever seen. One full day and the vine has grown several inches. It’s pretty amazing.

close up hop

another angle hop

We shall see how these hops grow this year, being in somewhat of a different climate than last year. We did get a few hop cones on our balcony in Orange County so I’m curious to see what happens with more space. I’ll keep you updated on our hoppy progress!


raspberry scones

parade people


having a sippy


gramps and the flag


musical instruments 1


out to lunch



clothes in the line

local seeds

beach chair babe

The long weekend started out fun. We went downtown and met my parents, to see the Fourth of July parade and street fair. There were a ton of people but it was fun getting out and seeing all that red, white and blue. But, by the time we got home, Jeff had come down with the dreaded bug that Ellie and I are still recuperating from. He got hit hard and was down for the rest of the weekend. Ellie and I stayed up into the wee hours that July 4th (local fireworks and her coughing kept her up) and Daddy went to sleep very early. We left Jeff to rest up for part of the weekend and went down to visit with my parents at their place (which we don’t do very often because Ellie still is not a fan of car rides). It was a nice day for Ellie. She just loves spending time with her grandparents (and I don’t think they are too bad either). We went out to lunch, we took a long walk and we visited the bookstore. The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning, doing laundry , a little gardening here and there and just lazing about, trying to get everyone healthy again. How was your weekend?

-joining Amanda at The habit.

Portrait Project


boo w car

eloise: there were four other pictures I could have posted for today’s portrait. But the whole of this shot just tickled me. Your little grin, that twinkle in your eye, the way you sit with your little foot crossed over the other. You have so much personality for an 11 month old, I can’t get over it some days. 

-joining jodi for the 52 project!

Slow Days



napping room

quiet house

putting the tent away



the dining room

These have been slow days. Lots of napping, lots of walks in the early morning before the heat settles in and walks in the evening after dinner when the beachy fog cools everything off. The tent has been taken down and besides our walks we’ve kept inside, trying to clear this yucky cold from our sinuses and chests. Lots of nursing, lots of tea, lots of naps under the fan… lots of quiet, slowness, so that we can get well and begin our summertime play.

Portrait Project: three/52

This portrait project is halfway over (wow! how did that happen?!) and Jodi has asked the participants to pick their favorite three photos for a halfway point post. I love looking back at these because Ellie has grown so much in just 26 short weeks. I’m so excited to see this project through and have documentation in portrait form of my darling baby girl. Without further adieu… my three favorites:


angel baby

nanas yard



and 23/52

my baby growing up before my eyes…

– joining Jodi for the 52 Project



on the town


trying produce

strawberry yum!

whole grain bread

sharing with daddy

yard sail finds

drive along the coast

beach drive


the tent


mama and boo in the tent

gramma and ellie

sick baby

the nest

reading with daddy


sick baby

The weekend started off nicely. We had dinner downtown. I was still congested but getting better from a long, tough flu bug (first bug since I was pregnant!). We visited the farmers market and Ellie tried out all sorts of good summertime treats. We stumbled upon a great yard sale (fabric and a new basket- always good finds!). We had my best friend and her family stop in on Saturday for an early dinner. I got a late Birthday present, the most beautiful, soft and cuddly and my very first woven wrap. I’m in love with it by the way and it very much came in handy this weekend because Ellie came down with her very first fever and a full on head and chest cold. The rest of the weekend was a rough one. Lots of nursing, lots of snuggling, lots of drives up the coast to try to get our little sickie to sleep and lots of reading books. It was so hot too that we spent parts of two nights down stairs in a nest we made with blankets. And after seeing this in a couple different places online, I knew we had to have one in our yard this weekend too. Gramma and Grandpa came to visit the little sick kiddo and cheer her up yesterday and we all tried our best to stay cool and relaxed. Hoping for a speedy recovery this week. I already feel like we’ve missed so much of summertime! It’s July 1st!  AHHHH!!! (and rabbit, rabbit, rabbit).

-joining Amanda over at The Habit.