This weekend was dinner with friends by the beach, farmers markets, spending way too much time trying to get a little one down for naps, walks downtown and walks with the grandparents along the beautiful coast. How was your weekend?

farmers market

playing with Mama


beach day

tula ride

rock collecting

gma and elle

gramma in the ocean

gpa and elle


-joining Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise! 



Finished projects and Works In Progress

I feel like I have so many projects in the works right now. So many ideas and so little time. This last month though, I sent off an Autumn inspired quilt to a friend in Seattle…
autumn inspired

Check out the wild pumpkin magically growing from the stump!
with critters

I sent off a Where The Wild Things Are Inspired Mat to Alaska.

And I finished a hockey playmat, complete with Kings hockey players for my best friend’s little boy.

I’m working on another farm mat for a friend and then on to some bigger projects, like Jeff’s new quilt (he picked all the fabrics out this weekend).

jeffs quilt

I also did a little mini swap with a local Mama friend of mine. Ellie is very much into the Boo Hoo Bird and Grumpy Bird books lately. My Mama friend made a set of Grumpy Bird felt characters for her son that turned out so adorable and amazing. I knew I wouldn’t be able to replicate what she did. So we bartered for goods. She made Ellie some incredible felt characters and I made her son a family of peg dolls.

boo hoo bird


grumpy bird

mountain family

It just so happened to be his birthday too so I made him a little satchel of story stones as well. Which I can’t help but share, because I’m so excited how well they came out. He had a camping birthday party and so I thought making him a set of camping story stones would be perfect. I will be making Ellie a set of story stones to be sure!
story stones
Here they are with drawstring bag and with a sealant on top of the watercolor.

story stones with bag

We love our Boo Hoo bird and Grumpy bird felt characters!! I hope her son liked his stones and peg family!




g and elle

cutie pie

quilty girl


tipperty toes

tomato picking

eating tomatoes







counting pumpkins



Our Labor Day weekend was made up of long car rides to barbeques with cousins, in pools I used to swim in as a child. Steak dinners with the folks. Hot, hot weather for our little beachy town (hence the half-naked child running around with popsicles). Welcoming September with a major tending to the garden. Tomato picking (and eating). Pulling homegrown pumpkins from their vines already. Granola making and lots and lots of play.

-joining Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise.