A Trip and A Mouse

We’re headed to Boston and New Hampshire this weekend for a week long, little late summer, early fall vacation and visit with Nana and Papa and the rest of the east coast Langille’s. It’s been quite some time since we’ve flown with Ellie. We made this trip multiple times when she was a tiny baby, but haven’t flown this far in quite some time. I’m a little anxious about flying with a toddler, but we’re hopefully as prepared as we’re going to be and fingers crossed it’s a smooth flight. To prep this girl of mine, we picked up a whole bunch of airplane and flying books at the library this week. Ellie took to one of the books right away (Miss Mouse Takes Off– About a little girl who takes her stuffed mouse with her on a trip to see her Nana!) and because she has been enjoying the book so much, I thought I’d make her, her very own Miss Mouse to bring on the trip.
travel books

(I thought it might also make the flight go a little smoother with a special friend going along for the ride).

miss mouse

I’m going to have Miss Mouse all set up on the morning we leave with a little note for Ellie, asking if she can go along too (fingers crossed she likes her enough to say yes)!

Wish us luck on the flight please. And I will most likely not be in this space at all next week, except maybe to link up with my portrait.
Summer (and Miss Mouse)

“MilkaMilk” with a Toddler

I never got to write a breastfeeding post for National Breastfeeding Month back in August, due to birthdays and out-of-town visitors, but really want to do my part to normalize breastfeeding (something I feel very passionately about). So I thought, I’d tell you about my adventures nursing a two-year old today.(In case, you were interested, here is my nursing post from last year.  Nursing a toddler is a whole other ball park. Our nursing relationship is quite different from those sleepy beginning days. The quiet, relaxed morning, noon and nights with her little baby body curled up against mine, taking in all the nourishment she needed from her Mama’s breast. Nowadays, it’s not quite as relaxing but it has become a sort of cool down zone for Ellie. A place to reconnect. A place to get that kick-start needed to continue on with that important learning through play. Sometimes it’s nice and relaxed and I am able to kiss her head and talk about our day. Other times she kicks and squirms and hops all over me and I wonder why she bothers for Mama’s milk at all. Some people have asked me how long I plan to continue. Some, flat-out ask me why on earth would I want to still be nursing at this age anyway?

There are certainly days and nights that I wouldn’t mind throwing in the towel. Long nights where I struggle with, if nursing this long is even the right thing to do. But, then I realize that there really is no “right” thing. Women all over the world nurse their one year olds, two-year olds, four-year olds and even seven-year olds. And for Ellie and I, it’s something very special we share. I love the closeness breastfeeding brings. I’ve seen the almost magical powers it has to calm an upset child, to recharge a tired toddler, or to help a tired toddler fall asleep. It makes me feel better on those days where she barely eats anything because molars are breaking though; I know she’s getting nutrients from my milk if nothing else. For those reasons and so many more, I want to continue on. And my hope is, that ever so gently and ever so slowly, she will need Mama’s milk less and less and it will become just another thing that’s helped form her identity and her attachment. Something to help her understand the connection we will always have.

(A silly photo of our daily nap times).
bfing a toddler

Finished projects and Works In Progress

I feel like I have so many projects in the works right now. So many ideas and so little time. This last month though, I sent off an Autumn inspired quilt to a friend in Seattle…
autumn inspired

Check out the wild pumpkin magically growing from the stump!
with critters

I sent off a Where The Wild Things Are Inspired Mat to Alaska.

And I finished a hockey playmat, complete with Kings hockey players for my best friend’s little boy.

I’m working on another farm mat for a friend and then on to some bigger projects, like Jeff’s new quilt (he picked all the fabrics out this weekend).

jeffs quilt

I also did a little mini swap with a local Mama friend of mine. Ellie is very much into the Boo Hoo Bird and Grumpy Bird books lately. My Mama friend made a set of Grumpy Bird felt characters for her son that turned out so adorable and amazing. I knew I wouldn’t be able to replicate what she did. So we bartered for goods. She made Ellie some incredible felt characters and I made her son a family of peg dolls.

boo hoo bird


grumpy bird

mountain family

It just so happened to be his birthday too so I made him a little satchel of story stones as well. Which I can’t help but share, because I’m so excited how well they came out. He had a camping birthday party and so I thought making him a set of camping story stones would be perfect. I will be making Ellie a set of story stones to be sure!
story stones
Here they are with drawstring bag and with a sealant on top of the watercolor.

story stones with bag

We love our Boo Hoo bird and Grumpy bird felt characters!! I hope her son liked his stones and peg family!