meeting sarah and lu



dance girl

ocean tide pool

beautiful day

daddys and girls


dada and elle



splashing in puddles

mamas turn


feeeling the water

sand hands

summer sandy hands

big girls

summer and elle

blue skies


going home

ellie in the light

It was a lovely weekend. Busy and fun but also slow and steady. Just what we needed after our trip back East. All the Christmas decorations packed up and put away. Laundry done. Windows got washed. Getting back into the groove of things…
I got to finally meet a friend from my online community of mamas. I’ve talked about this amazing group of women before. They have helped me get through the tough sleepless nights and they’ve become my best friends in the two years I’ve known them. But, I’ve never met any of them, until this weekend. Sarah and her family were in town and we took that opportunity to meet in person. It really was like we had been friends forever. A wonderful couple hours with a new, old friend. ūüėČ
We hung out with my parents the rest of the day. Lots of dancing and banjo music.
Sunday we spent enjoying California’s tide pools with good friends. It’s always so much fun watching Ellie with her playmates. Her interactions with other children (especially her best bud) have developed and grown richer. She ended the night wanting to give her friend a big hug. It warmed all of our hearts. A great¬†day. A great weekend.
Wishing you a wonderful start to your week!!


Weekending: Early Christmas Edition

We’re headed to the east coast for Christmas this week to spend it with Jeff’s family. As much as I love doing things “on the actual day”, we decided not to ship presents back east and instead Jeff called Santa and Santa made arrangements to bring Ellie’s gifts early this year (plus a little bit more on the actual day). So, we celebrated Saturday and had a wonderful, magical family Christmas. That evening, we drove up to my parents’ house and celebrated with my family as well.
clay ornaments


Earlier in the week, Ellie and I made Christmas clay ornaments for everyone. We used Jenny’s tutorial and supply list, but I was unable to get the pigment she recommend in time, so after we cut them out and baked them, we painted them with acrylics. They’re definitely not as lovely as Jenny’s but they are perfectly perfect for our first go around. I’m thinking we’ll definitely do this again next year (and hopefully, I’ll be better prepared).


Ellie actually caught a throw up bug late last week and we were so worried we’d have to cancel Christmas. But, it seems it was only a 24 hour thing and after a couple of days of rest, easy-going in-home activities and of course some Frozen,curled up next to Mama, she seems much better. On Friday we made snowflakes for Santa and his elves and left them under the tree.
santas snowflake

elf snowflake

On “Ellie’s Christmas Morning” she found that Santa and his elves had hung the snowflakes all over the house.
santa came

mama made

santa table

Santa also set up Ellie’s table with new toys from one of her favorite books, Red Knit Cap Girl and Mama and baby polar bear!! (This wonderful shop custom-made Red Knit Cap Girl for me and the bears are Holztiger)!
close up

waldorf doll

This doll was the big item (along with the grocery cart). She was a custom handmade doll from this lovely shop. I have been wanting to get Ellie a Waldorf doll for a while now and this sweet doll came across my Facebook feed one day. Unfortunately, the doll sold to someone else and so I waited till the doll maker posted another doll for sale and I snatched it up right away before I lost another one (all the while, still wishing I had gotten the pink haired doll). I mentioned it to the doll maker, that I was disappointed I had missed the pink haired doll and she immediately responded and told me she would make me another just like it. I was so thrilled. Ellie is very into dolls these days and I knew a special doll, like this would be the perfect gift. Ellie loved her up as soon as she saw her.


We opened our stockings and enjoyed some homemade swedish oat bran pancakes (thank you to my Grandmother for the recipe).
christmas is over



The little white softie stocking friend is something I made for Ellie. I’ll go into the things I crafted for her in another blog post (there’s just too much to tell here, so I’ll save it for later).
pretty baby

I didn’t take too many photos at Gramma’s house, but Gramma did make Ellie a glorious Christmas dress, which Ellie loved!
grammas house

take two

peg dolls

I made my siblings (and my brother’s girlfriend, peg dolls, of course). And Ellie picked out an ornament to give to each of her aunts and uncle too.

happy girl

pretty girl

It was a very nice morning and night. We got home late, tired but happy and full of Christmas joy.
Sunday was a lazy day. Laundry, preparing for our trip and playing with new toys. We did take a trip out to the Ojai farmers market and had a few surprises along the way…


santa sells

fairy dust


baby violinist


Baby violinist’s, fairy’s with fairy dust to share¬†and Santa selling persimmons… it was a very interesting trip to the Farmers Market.

And because it was the solstice, We made a hot beef stew with homemade biscuits (Ellie helped) and we ate by candle light. A perfect way to ring in Winter, if I do say so myself.
kneading dough


candle light


We had a wonderful family Christmas. Now on to our east coast family Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!! I’m hoping to still post this week while in Boston, but if I don’t get around to it with all the holiday hustle and bustle, Have a wonderful holiday my friends and a Happy New Year!!!!


This weekend was slow and steady. Not too many plans. I wasn’t feeling all that well, so we tried to take it easy. Lots of good Christmas books, crafting, watching some harbor fireworks from our bedroom window, some late night Christmas movies and a walk through a new favorite park to get some fresh air (where we found mushrooms and rocks and swung on swings, met a horse named Charlie and walked along a fallen pine tree that smelled like Christmas).

walking through

the staff

nature girl

dada and elle

winter sky

the basin


little girl



cool mushroom city

mama and me

this kid

this beauty

charlie horse

ta da

in the stump

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend and wishing you a delightful week!!

Weekending: Magic Dragon Edition

I’m about to photo bomb you with magical pictures of my daughter. I can’t help it. It was so much fun taking so many photos and too hard to narrow it down to only a few, so I’m including… a lot….Just to warn you. Our weekend was a nice and easy one. Visits to the coffee shop and post office. Pancakes in the morning, visits with grandma and grandpa and friends. ¬†It just so happened that on Friday at a play date, Ellie had tried on her friend’s very special dragon wings and tail and loved them so much that I asked my friend where she had gotten them. I was told they were handmade by a local artisan. Well, as we were downtown sending things off at the post office, we literally stumbled onto a holiday craft faire where the exact same dragon wings and tail were purchased! It was fate! ¬†Jeff gave the go ahead for Ellie to pick out and take her very own set home. Ellie was completely transformed as soon as she put the dragon wings and tail on. She took off running down the avenue shouting, “I’m a dragon!” It was quite the sight. Later that afternoon¬†we went back downtown with my parents. They had a live music event where they had shut the main streets down. Ellie danced her way through the town, still dawning her dragon suit. She captured everyone’s attention (even getting on the main screens at the music event). We danced our way down to the beach for a walk before dinner and Ellie enjoyed dancing in the puddles and chasing her Grandparents and Jeff and I enjoyed snapping photos and enjoying the magic that is our daughter.
dragon dance


shes a star







sunlight too




see you

dragon light

dragon tale




catch me

mama catch you


-joining Pumpkin SUnrise


The weekend was another quick one (man this year is flying by )! I got some time to finish up on some custom peg doll orders and get them ready to ship out. Ellie rode her balance bike to the park with Daddy while I got my craft on. We made a stew and homemade pizza and spent sunday running errands and going out to an early dinner with the grandparents at a local beach grille. We’re looking forward to a Thanksgiving at my parents house this year, less cooking and cleaning for us! Now that’s something to be thankful for!




fun in the wrap

padaro grille

sand box

gramma fun


sun set

sun set 2


This weekend started out with some baking and ended with lots of sewing at Gramma and Grandpa’s house. I’m trying to get Jeff’s quilt finished before Christmas, but this thing is so big!! In between, we lounged around, Jeff and Ellie made Saturday morning pancakes, and we visited the park a few times (sometimes with dogs and child and sometimes with just child in tow). A very nice, quiet weekend. How was yours?

autumn felt board


pancake morning

jeffs quilt




This weekend I had a little garage sale. Made a few bucks but passed a lot more on to Goodwill. We stumbled upon a Halloween event downtown and just so happened to have Ellie’s “Ana cape” with us, so we joined the fun. Sunday was food shopping, family bike rides and afternoon trips to the park. This weekend went by way to quickly for my taste. How was your weekend? Everyone ready for Halloween?
martys pumpkin

downtown fun

nappy nap





running away


This weekend we went to Ojai Day  which happens to be a neighboring town for us. It was a vibrant, colorful festival of the town itself, with local artisans (@finchleystitches is the lovely embroidered art pictured here) and music, animals for the children to see and an incredible display of yarn bombing, that was just spectacular to see. The rest of the weekend was spent doing chores and taking it easy. How was your weekend?

Ojai Day

pat the bear

color fun

fun umbrella

finchley stitches











yarn bombs

close up



walking through

reach up

lift up

Рjoining Pumpkin sunrise! 

(A Very Late) Weekending: Pumpkin Edition

pumpkin patch tractor

pumpkins galore

walking through pumpkins



picking pumpkins

big one

pretty pumpkins

hot pumpkin

pretty pumpkin

hay ride


counting pumpkins

wheelbarough full

gramma helps


A morning at the pumpkin patch. We had planned to take a drive to a bigger farm and patch that day but things didn’t quite work out, so we headed about 5 minutes away to our local patch. It was another very hot weekend, so it was a sweaty and quick trip to the pumpkin patch this year, but I think Ellie enjoyed herself very much. We visited with the animals, picked our pumpkins and got to take a hay ride to the original part of the farm. The end of the day was spent with the grandparents (who helped Ellie carve her pumpkin) and for dessert, some festive brew served in a cinnamon sugar rimmed glass.
The rest of the weekend was for laundry and rest and catching up on odds and ends.

*Just for fun, Last year’s pumpkin patch visit, the year before that!

How was your weekend?


This weekend we went to visit with friends, visited the farmers market and picked up some fall-ish foods. We did some painting and spent sunday morning zooming around the house in capes while Dada played hockey. Grandma and Grandpa came over for a walk downtown. And we ended the weekend with some local grass-fed burgers on the grill.

How was your weekend?

imaginary fun

anas fast

here she comes


running with kids

reading the papwer

riding on dada


puddle jumping

in the wet