in the process

ellie helps

done with embroidery

peacock different angle

end of the day

ellies back

MAKING: Yay! I finished embroidering the Peacock! It was so much fun and I am hooked! (I wanted to post earlier today but I’ve been busy walking the streets with a teething baby, so these pictures are a bit shadowy at the end of the day- I kind of liked the way they came out). But, I managed to get it done here and there and I even added some fabric to the ends. I’m very much looking forward to framing my Spring Peacock.


LISTENING: I received this in the mail this week and I have been playing it whenever I get the chance. I’m a huge fan of Broadway (for those of you who do not know me personally) and a huge fan of Audra McDonald from back when she was in Ragtime. I’ve followed her career, got to see her sing once at Pepperdine University in Malibu and one of my guilty pleasures was the drama Private Practice which she  had a role in for awhile. I’m so glad she has gone back to her Broadway roots though. The songs she chose for this album are lovely and dreamy and just plain good.

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Around Here

marigolds in the garden

dogs are funny

garden print


weekly granola

almost done


Marigolds planted in the garden to stave off those aphids.

Lunches outside with Daddy, watching those dogs do silly things in the yard.

A great print for this time of year.

Peach tree? Plums? (We’re not sure?)

Weekly batch of homemade granola.

Almost done with the peacock.

Every day things are the best toys.

Just Write : Teething Sucks

Hand in her mouth, her little fingers come out all red and slimy. Drooling since she was three months old, we thought her teeth would come in quickly. But here we are almost ten months old and no teeth. But they are certainly coming. Tonight was rough. You could tell she was tired, blood shot eyes, yawning, her body wanting to let go and fall asleep, but those gums were just so sore. She would grab my face and gnaw on my jaw. Her gums were hurting her and even my jaw bone was not helping. I brought my sleepy girl back downstairs and tried to rub some teething gel onto her sore gums. She doesn’t want anyone else’s fingers in her mouth but her own so she turns away and the gel spreads to her lips instead. She’s fussy and fidgety and I try my best to be patient and calm as I try to get her to sleep hours after her regular bedtime. We nurse, we rock, we walk around the house. She wants so badly to fall asleep but she’s focusing on those sore gums and flips around in my arms. I hold her and hum a quiet song, rubbing her legs and trying to get her little nine month old body to relax. I sit in the rocker and offer her milk. She cuddles into my body, the body that once held her inside so safe. I’m still her safe, cozy place. I hum her sleepy song and she nurses, fading quickly this time. I pet her warm head, stroking the little threads of baby hair off her forehead. Her body relaxes and as she nurses she rests her hand on my breast. It breaks my heart to see her uncomfortable or in pain. But this is part of growing and so I try to help her by being there. I fear this tough teething night is only the beginning of teeth time woes. There will be more late nights and sore gummy tears, but Mama will be here to hold her when she needs it, to help her get to sleep again and again. I am her safe place. She’s sleeping now. Her head on my chest and her hand on my heart.

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yellow flowers

fun work

neat wish plants



picnic fun


yummy food

record music time


dancing to sinatra

strawberry festival



The weather was beautiful this weekend and we wanted to get out as much as possible to enjoy it! We enjoyed a wonderful picnic in the park with new friends on saturday. Ellie got to play with baby friends while Mama and Daddy chatted and enjoyed yummy picnic food (these new friends of ours can sure cook)! I got lots of time to work on Cory’s fun peacock sampler. I’m learning all sorts of new stitches thanks to you tube. Jeff and I had a little impromptu date of farmers market cherries,  lemon quartz cheese and the final episode of The Office (while Ellie took a very long nap in Mama’s arms). And Saturday evening ended with the record player on and Daddy and Ellie dancing to Sinatra, Elvis and the 5th Dimension. Sunday we wanted to check out the California Strawberry Festival which was in the next town over. Besides an adorable sun hat we found for Ellie, the festival was a big disappointment. More money pit and less festival. After a very pricey, not so good lunch, we made our exit and enjoyed the rest of  sunday at home, gardening a little bit, cleaning a little bit and relaxing a little bit. How was your weekend?

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Portrait Project


sleeper kitten

eloise: I realized I hadn’t captured you sleeping yet in any of these portraits. You’ve spent so many hours in my arms or lying next to me napping. I love gazing down at this little person I’ve made. You are slowly beginning to transition to napping on your own, in your own bed  and I know I’m going to miss you cradled in my arms fast asleep. You are growing quickly my dear and I dare say, I’m already seeing less of a baby and more of a little girl each new day.

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Make + Listen

letter fun

still working

steve and edie

I’m joining Simple Things Notebook today with the Make and Listen Along. It’s a good way to keep me motivated on working on these projects and getting them done. And music is just such a special, wonderful thing. I think it will be neat for Ellie to look back one day and see what we were listening too when she was just a wee one. 🙂

MAKING: I have decided to start making Ellie some fabric letters inspired by Meg’s Montessori Letters from her book Sew Liberated. I’m thinking it’s going to be a long, drawn out project… something I will try to complete before her first birthday. (I can’t believe that’s only about three months away)!

I’m still working on a Softie bear for a friend’s baby. It’s been slow going as well.


LISTENING: My Dad let us borrow this great new Steve Martin/ Edie Brickell c.d.  I am a big fan of the banjo and Steve Martin. I once spotted Steve Martin at an art show at UCLA. He was alone and kept smiling at me. Who knows, if I was brave enough I could have had a date with the guy. I saw Martin again years later in Orange County at one of the most fantastic concerts ever. This man can not only get a whole crowd hysterically laughing but he can play the banjo… really well! Can you tell I have a little crush? This c.d. is nice to have on in the background, preferably on a sunny spring day with all the windows open. Ellie liked the first song the  best and it seems she’s fond of Steve Martin too. She liked checking out the pictures of him on the c.d. case.